About This Site

These pages were originally published on the Victorian Square Dancing Association’s (VSDA) website at www.vsda.org.au.

However, over the years there has been several changes of webmasters, programs used and direction, sadly this content has now been omitted from that site.

I have therefore decided to recreate and preserve that original content here on this stand alone website.

The Brown family, over four generations, were the backbone of Square Dancing , Not only in Victoria, but on a national level as well, and were also great friends of mine.

Therefore this is now my personal contribution to help us all to remember Adrian, Mirribelle and their young family.

I have tried as much as possible to keep the content as it was when first published in 2009.

I trust that reporting this tragic event, will help you recall great memories of Adrian, Mirri and their children.

Kevin Thomas



This is still a work in progress